My editing experience includes

~     NOVELS, primarily mysteries, women’s fiction and literary


~     SHORT STORIES in all genres

~     YOUNG ADULT and JUVENILE stories


I do not edit picture books, erotica or Christian fiction. Stories depicting graphic violence  may require a conversation.


A story that comes to me for editing will be critiqued for both strengths and weaknesses.  First off, I want to hear the author’s intent so that I can read with that in mind. What is the author trying to say with this story? What is he or she trying to accomplish? I ask these questions so that both the author and I can work toward making the story as strong as possible.

In practical terms, I work electronically (by email), although I can edit a paper copy if a situation requires it. I critique on all aspects of the story—plot, character, voice, theme, setting. I will let you know what is working, and what needs shoring up or changing. I generally toss out multiple suggestions when I see a problem, and it is up to the author to make changes or not to make changes.

Most of my editorial work is considered content or development editing.

As I read, I make edits and comments on the manuscript using Track Changes. When I’ve finished the edit, I return it to the author with a long, explanatory email. A follow-up exchange of emails for questions and clarifications is expected.  Basically, I communicate with the author until we are both satisfied with the critique.

With new clients, I often suggest they send a short story or a novel partial (first three chapters) first, to make sure we click before either of us commits to a full manuscript contract.

My turnaround time varies, depending on my schedule; once I start a project, it’s generally a few days for a short story; a week to ten days for a partial; two weeks to a month for a novel, depending on length.


I teach workshops/classes on many aspects of writing. I teach online, at conferences, or for small groups.

I am also happy to lead writers’ retreats.